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Delicious Agony
The stream is on auto pilot and I'm not reading the message board

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Satin Whale - Desert Places, from the 1974 album Desert Places

Delicious Agony - MSK Jorge Rojas Promo
Mavara - Season Of Salvation, from the 2013 album Season Of Salvation
Happy The Man - Slipstream, from the 2004 album The Muse Awakens
Kayanis - Run Mr. Eldritch, from the 2015 album Transmundane
Kansas - Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel, from the 1975 album Masque
Delicious Agony - MSK Artists Promo
Iron Maiden - Drifter (Live), from the 1980 album The First Ten Years
John G. Perry - Morning Song, from the 1976 album Sunset Wading
Step Ahead - Right Or Wrong, from the 1982 album Step Ahead

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