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Von Hertzen Brothers - Sunday Child, from the 2015 album New Day Rising

Tarot - Twilght Fortress, from the 2015 album The Warrior's Spell
Subterranean Masquerade - Early Morning Mantra, from the 2015 album The Great Bazaar
Delicious Agony - Donation Promo: Papa J #3
Pentagram - Death In 1st Person, from the 2011 album Last Rites
Pendragon - No Place For The Innocent, from the 2005 album Believe
Pagan's Mind - Supremacy, Our Kind, from the 2005 album Enigmatic: Calling
Pain Of Salvation - Darkness Of Mine, from the 2010 album Road Salt One
Daniel Gildenlow of Pain Of Salvation - Station ID #2
Liquid Tension Experiment - Osmosis, from the 2009 album Live In N.Y.C.

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