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Delicious Agony
The stream is on auto pilot and I'm not reading the message board

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David Bowie - Weeping Wall, from the 1977 album Low

John Scofield - Blackout, from the 2000 album Bump
Tarja - Damned Vampire & Gothic Divine, from the 2007 album My Winter Storm
Luz De Riada - Recuerdan A Lucy?, from the 2012 album Cuentos Y Fabulas
Luis Nasser of Sonus Umbra - Station ID
Maximum Indifference - Jack Palance The Ninja, from the 2000 album The Transmutations Of Supposed Angels
Kazumi Watanabe - Fu Bu Ki, from the 1988 album The Spice Of Life Too
Auroris - Martian Soul Scan, from the 2008 album Outpost
Magnum - Great Adventure, from the 1979 album Magnum II
Black Majesty - Legacy, from the 2003 album Sands Of Time

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