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Riverside - Celebrity Touch, from the 2013 album Shrine Of New Generation Slaves

Mariusz Duda and Piotr Grudzinski of Riverside - Station ID
Jack Yello - The Guide (Part VII), from the 2009 album Xeric
Paatos - Look At Us, from the 2004 album Kallocain
Landberk - Song From Kallsedet, from the 1992 album Lonely Land
Within Temptation - Stand My Ground, from the 2009 album An Acoustic Night At The Theatre
Bacamarte - Filhos Do Sol, from the 1999 album Sete Cidades
Delicious Agony - Donation Promo #13
Giraffe - New Patriots, from the 1987 album The Power Of Suggestion
Happy Rhodes - Rest In Pieces, from the 1986 album Left Hand Demos

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