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Black Majesty - Reach Into The Darkness, from the 2019 album Children Of The Abyss

If - Tea-Break Over - Back On Your 'Eads, from the 1975 album Tea-Break Over - Back On Your 'Eads
Evergrey - Scattered Me, from the 1999 album Solitude Dominance Tragedy
The Sea Within - They Know My Name, from the 2018 album The Sea Within
Felix Martin - Four Handed Giant, from the 2017 album Mechanical Nations
Saga - Streets Of Gold (Chapter 14), from the 2005 album The Chapters Live
David Bowie - I'm Waiting For The Man, from the 1972 album Bowie At The Beeb
Pye Fyte - The Party, from the 1998 album The Gathering Of The Krums
Adrenaline Mob - Chasing Dragons, from the 2017 album We The People
Trama - Oscure Movenze, from the 2018 album Oscure Movenze

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