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Delicious Agony
The stream is on auto pilot and I'm not reading the message board

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John Lees' Barclay James Harvest - Song For Dying, from the 2013 album Live At Buxton Opera House

Delicious Agony - Rapid Fire Station IDs
Darwin's Radio - Amber Skies, from the 2006 album Eyes Of The World
Peter Hammill - A Forest Of Pronouns, from the 1996 album X My Heart
Man - Love Your Life, from the 1971 album Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling In?
Platypus - Nothing To Say, from the 1999 album When Pus Comes To Shove
Derek Sherinian of Dream Theater/Planet X - Station ID
Quantum Fantay - Autumn Landscapes, from the 2007 album Ugisiunsi
Nathan Mahl - Ad Judicium/Moral Values Part II, from the 2001 album Heretik Volume II: The Trial
Agora - Simbiosi (Vasi Comunicanti), from the 1976 album Agora 2

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