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Delicious Agony
The stream is on auto pilot and I'm not reading the message board

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Yessongs - Siberian Khatru, from the 2012 album Tales From The Edge

The Revere - The Valley, from the 2010 album The Great City
Royal Hunt - Never Give Up, from the 2006 album Live 2006
Delicious Agony - Delicious Agony Promo #3
Peter Gabriel - Only Us, from the 1992 album Us
Wetton Downes - Hey Josephine, from the 2005 album Icon
The Wood Demons - Caught In The Drift Of An Idle Day, from the 2017 album The Lost Domain
Jeremy - Running, from the 1997 album Kinesis Sampler Two
Yugen - Uova Fatali: Taranta, from the 2008 album Uova Fatali
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