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Delicious Agony
The stream is on auto pilot and I'm not reading the message board

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The Moody Blues - The Actor, from the 2005 album Lovely To See You

Molesome - Grain Of Children, from the 2015 album Songs For Vowels And Mammals
Cynic - Endlessly Bountiful, from the 2014 album Kindly Bent To Free Us
Under The Psycamore - The Owl (A.N.W.T.S.), from the 2012 album I
Kit Watkins - The Vessel Ruse, from the 2019 album Field Of View
Shearwater - Meridian, from the 2010 album The Golden Archipelago
Jonathan Meiberg of Shearwater - Station ID
Pendragon - Queen Of Hearts: ...A Man Could Die Out Here..., from the 1991 album The World
Rush - Mission, from the 1987 album Hold Your Fire
A Devil's Din - Reset, from the 2011 album One Day All This Will Be Yours

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