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Oliver Wakeman & Steve Howe - The Healer, from the 2001 album The 3 Ages Of Magick

Magnum - Les Morts Dansants, from the 1985 album On A Storyteller's Night
The Doors - Strange Days, from the 1967 album Strange Days
Delicious Agony - Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope Promo 2
Steve Hackett - Kim, from the 2002 album Hungarian Horizons: Live In Budapest
Arena - Contagious, from the 2003 album Contagious
Dragonforce - Cry Thunder (Live Rehearsal), from the 2012 album The Power Within
Millenium - We Try Again, from the 2011 album Puzzles
Delicious Agony - Progressive Music Planet Promo
Kayo Dot - And He Built Him A Boat, from the 2013 album Hubardo

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