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William Shatner - Deep Down, from the 2013 album Ponder The Mystery

David Cross - Into The Oblique, from the 2018 album Crossing The Tracks
A.C.T - Digital Affair, from the 2019 album Rebirth
The Cure - Tape, from the 1993 album Show
Sky - Hello, from the 1981 album Sky 3
Kraftwerk - Home Computer, from the 1981 album Computer World
Echolyn - Lucky (Live At CalProg 2008), from the 2012 album Bonus Tracks
The Neal Morse Band - The Dream Isn't Over, from the 2019 album The Great Adventure
Balance Of Power - One Voice, from the 2001 album Perfect Balance
Journey - Anyway, from the 1977 album KSAN New Year's Eve

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