Who We Are

Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio is run by a small but dedicated staff of volunteers who have only one thing in common: a desire to play and promote progressive rock music of all kinds.

DA started in late 2001.  In early 2003, the founders decided to leave internet radio and Don, Elliot, Tim and Scott (who has since left)  took the station over.  Since then, we have grown from a daily peak of 15 listeners to a peak of over 120 and growing.

Today, we are very active in progressive music circles.  Don and Tim are very active in getting interviews and setting up live chats with bands members that are well-knows, like Yes, and not-so well-known, but that are excellent, like Magic Elf.

We have added more live DJs and many live shows, each with a different flavor.  We want to expose listeners to different kinds of progressive music.  We don't expect you to like everything we play, but that's the nature of progressive music.  Most DJs are in the chat room while their shows are on so feel free to enter and talk about things with other people who have similar tastes in music.

Furthermore, we are active in the progressive music scene.  Jim Harrel, host of PapaJ's Matinee as well as Lawnmower and Garden Supply, runs CalProg.  Mike Ostrich, host of Progscape Radio, is active with NearFest.  Don and Elliot are involved in local prog music organizations in the Northeast US, like NewEARS and NJ Proghouse.  Tim is part of a progressive fusion band.

Elliot runs the stream when there is not another scheduled show on.  If he happens to be in front of his computer, which is about 12 hours during the day (US Eastern Time), he will attempt to monitor the request line and try to play what you want.  We feel this is way more personal that other stations with automatic request lines.  Elliot plays a tasteful mix of classic prog and music you may not have heard.  Everyone's tastes are different, and he tries to hit them all.

Joe Mallon knows a lot about prog and you'll learn a lot while listening to his shows.  Ivan is a Frank Zappa fanatic.

We also play Matt Sweitzer's excellent syndicated Canvas Prog Hour every week where "In Focus" he features a different artist each show.

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get is how we broadcast.  Setting up an internet radio station is fairly simple.  Go to Shoutcast and download the free Winamp plugin and that's it.  But, that's the easy part.  All of us broadcast out of our respective homes with no special equipment except a computer and a large disk drive to hold all the ripped CDs that we play.

The hard part is scheduling shows, actively calling artists for interviews, building a half-decent website, building a team of DJs, and getting people to like you and to listen.  We would like to think we are doing a pretty good job.  But, we are always trying harder.

None of us get paid.  We have full time jobs.  We all put a fair amount of our precious free time in, and we have to pay out real money to Stream Guys to send out the stream and host the web site.  Why do we we bother?  Because we love prog music and we want you to hear it.

So, tell all your friends and keep listening.  If you have ideas, comments, or questions, or are a band that wants to be promoted (we love new bands starting out -- we want to help), then contact Don.  If you have comments about the website or technical questions about the stream, contact that geek Elliot.

If you want to help defer the cost of the stream, please consider donating a little money every month.  For tax reasons, we're not allowed to make a profit, so if we ever have a month where the donations are too big (that would be the day) then we'll take down the donation link for the rest of the month.

And, don't be shy!  Come into the chat room and say hi!

And thanks again for listening!

--All the Staff of Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio