Why Donate?

Delicious Agony is run by individuals who just like to listen to progressive rock music.  Not only do we not make any money, but we pay money to pay for the stream (which costs us $140 per month), and to buy new CDs for you to listen to.

If you were to donate even $2 per month, or $20 per year, we could keep the stream going and support more listeners.  All money you donate goes either into the stream, or in into buying CDs that you will hear.

We aren't begging.  We don't want you to feel sorry for us.  We don't even want you to pay for the whole thing.  But if we could get $50 per month in donations, that would help us a lot.  We aren't rich.  We're just a couple of school teachers, a stay-at-home-dad, and an engineer.

We do this because it's fun, we like progressive music, we like to help promote progressive bands, and we want you to hear great progressive music.

By paying through PayPal, you could use a credit card or bank transfer.

Thanks for your help and thanks for listening!

--The folks at Delicious Agony