Using aacPlus

On August 1, 2006, Delicious Agony changed formats, and started to stream using the superior aacPlus format.  aacPlus is an audio encoding format that is vastly improved over MP3.  At 24k, aacPlus sounds like MP3 does at 80k, and at 80km, aacPlus sounds like a CD.

Many common stream players support aacPlus, including Winamp 5.x and Windows Media Player (WMP requires an additional codec plugin).  We recognize that not all players that you may be accustomed to support aacPlus.  However, we think that if you change players, you will be more than happy that you did.

We are compiling a list of aacPlus-capable players.  If you have a favorite, please let us (me) know and I will add it to the list.

Winamp 5.x
Windows Media Player (with a plugin)

VLC (see below for for information)

VLC (see below)
Sadly -- and ironically == iTunes does NOT support aacPlus streaming

We thank you for making Delicious Agony the best Progressive Rock Radio station on the internet!

Additional VLS information:

To listen using VLC, you need to provide VLC with the address of the stream:

Open your web browser.

Navigate to the DA home page.

If you have high-speed Internet access, right-click the "80k: great quality" link under the Winamp icon. (Use the Port 80 @ 80k link if you're behind a firewall.)

Otherwise, right-click the "24k: great quality" link. (Port 80 @ 32k link if behind a firewall.)

Choose Copy Link or Copy Shortcut.

Open VLC.

Choose File > Open Network.


Paste the link into the URL box.

Click OK. The stream should start playing.


Skipping, can't connect?

On May 27, 2005, Delicious Agony changed stream providers, and we increased our stream bandwidth to 80kbs from 56kbs.   Although this greatly improves the sound quality, it also requires a slightly higher internet bandwidth.

If you are experiencing skipping and are using Winamp 5, then all you need to do is increase the Winamp buffer size.  In Winamp, right-click over the top bar, and select Options.  Then select Preferences.  Under Plug-ins, click on Input.  Select Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder, and click on the Configure button.  Select the Streaming tab.   Change the Streaming Data Buffer from 64 KB to 128 KB.  Click on OK.

While you are doing this, we might as well also turn off the Silence Remover.  Select Output on the left.  IF you have waveOut out selected, DON'T DO ANYTHING. If you have DirectSound selected, press the configure button.  Select the Other tab.  Make sure the top box in UNSELECTED ("Remove silence at the beginning/end of track")

The stream addresses are:


80k using port 80:
32k using port 80:

80k using other players:
32k using other players:

If you have problems, feel free to contact Elliot.  Understand, though, that Elliot has a full-time job and a family, so it may take some time to return your email, depending on his availability.

Thanks for listening!