Don's Top Albums of 2011

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Don's Top Albums of 2011

Postby FKYES » Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:25 pm

1) Mastodon- The Hunter
2) Foo Fighters- Wasting Light
3) Rush-Time Machine- Live in Cleveland
4) The Flower Kings- Tour Kapput
5) Anthrax- Worship Music
6) Mastodon- Live At The Aragon
7) Black Country Communion - 2
8) Karmakanic- In A Perfect World
9) Mike Keneally Band- Bakin At The Potato
10) Greenday- Awesome As Fuck
11) Dream Theater- A Dramatic Turn of Events
12) Riverside- Memories In My Head
13) Electric Sorcery- Believe In Own Best Friend
14) Aristocrats- Artistocrats
15) Pain Of Salvation- Road Salt Two
16) Janes Addiction- The Great Escape Artist
17) Steven Wilson- Grace For Drowning
18) Mars Hollow- World in Front of Me
19) The Rhythm Is Odd- Raw Material
20) Presto Ballet- Love What You’ve Done With The Place
21) Jon Anderson- Survival and Other Stories
22) Druckfarben- Druckfarben
23) Ozric Tentacles- Paper Monkeys
24) Circa- And So On
25) Ben Craven- Great and Terrible Potions
26) Steve Hackett- Beyond the Shrouded Horizon
27) Various Artists- A Flower Full of Stars: A Tribute To The Flower Kings
28) Emerson lake and Palmer- Live at The Nassau Colisseum
29) Protest The Hero- Scurrilious
30) Opeth- Heritage
31) Agents of Mercy- The Dark Forest
32) Pat Metheny- What’s It All About
33) Derek Sherinian- Oceana
34) Glass Hammer- Cor Codium
35) Wobbler- Rites of Dawn
36) Redemption- This Mortal Coil
37) Queensryche- Dedicated to Chaos
38) Brighteye Brison- A Magician Chronicles Pt 1
39) Yes- Fly From Here
40) Billy Sherwood- What Was The Question
41) Meridian Voice- Attypical Symmetry
42)Sanguine Hum- Diving Bell
43) Magenta- Chameleon
44)Soniq Circus- Reflections in the Hourglass
45) Lunatic Soul- Impressions
46) Zombi- Escape Velocity
47) Levin Torn White- Levin Torn White
48) Manning- Margaret’s Children
49) Argen, Kaiser & Gunn- Invisible Rays
50) Audio Insight- Dimension
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Re: Don's Top Albums of 2011

Postby MAKEBELIEVE » Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:47 am

Although, a bit disappointing ( both albums )...NO KATE BUSH?
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Re: Don's Top Albums of 2011

Postby mondstar » Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:17 am

Ya hullol, pardonski? are you poking fun at British troll-pop and the Babylondon chamber orcs and kestrels or wo? show us one piece where Cathy is rocking a nutwood shelf at a card-house library. The apes on Gibraltar are going through the motion of a Wiccan-dance, swinging from one tourist to another, ook-ook. Ow, you're joking? fair enough. Ooy, a letter from complete the roistering band of little rascal what reads:

..the radar is full'f clownish landlubbers juggling and painting last Eastern dregs, all being casually followed by a flock of skittish ..h e n c e the foxes rolling off the roxes. Tell me what you started the day with ow yeah and i show you a fully-fledged manoeuvreboard. space-faring Italics? cricket. Thingy, talking of pranks, when does one promote to some official ranks? okay, surf-board to the side, Don has made a pretty caboodle, give you that. Let us try huddling around the so surreal-system when some other DJs, the likes of Ricky Broadsidecaster, Jim the Hero from Orange Orchard and Michael the Gandalfman are about to mix it up all the more. This time the tricks will be listing a good lot like a seahorse in a swell serpentine switchback of a puny typhoon. Your hair? looks alright.
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Re: Don's Top Albums of 2011

Postby mondstar » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:15 am

in one hand an ice creme cone and in the other a bowling hat. When does the rest of the hummingsphere get summertime. The keyboard is having ey Frodo ring tone, in fan flatterism. Now listen to youth. Them geekos are nuts, telling ya. Ehm, kind of. My chum Strider, how do you go about wandering? ahh, with wits in the tree-top. Chirpy, chipper chap, what you phink. Ey, phrow me a bunch of boomerangs. Hear the flower power on the several tip-topping season. What, more brain. His Roines is looking where to put his hands. - When is lounge time? allow yerself an ozzsomeley wooden book. Tit-bits and wagtails? time for a spruce spring-spleenin, innit. Now a lonely precious favorite you-just-name-it. ..a misty moontan on the map svp. ...more voljoom ...makes the cloth go a-musing, the lala. Gimli, at the helm, this minnit. Elvencourt? hold on to yer plants. .. i need a super-novel. La'ers, me rowlerskaters.
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