This week's Progadelic Escapades features Aaron Clift

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This week's Progadelic Escapades features Aaron Clift

Postby FKYES » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:06 pm

On October 5th at 8 PM EST, Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio ( will present the last edition of the weekly show, Progadelic Escapades. This week's edition will feature an interview with Aaron Clift from The Aaron Clift Experiment. During the program, we will be featuring selections from the band's new album, Outer Light, and Inner Darkness. The album can be purchased at the band's website, at

This week's show will also be featuring new music from Nad Sylvan, Caligula's Horse, and RPWL. There will be an encore airing of the program October 7th at 10 AM EST. The interview will be archived after the broadcast at the interview section of the website.
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Re: This week's Progadelic Escapades features Aaron Clift

Postby Justin Credible » Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:29 am

So next Monday in eight days (are weak - bugrit) you are going to lift your little feet upon the..what's the wooden racket in front of a saloon called where one binds the horse to? .. and start wanderings then? if this proves to be true then believe will turn into knowledge that marbles can indeed order drinks with a mere slap on the bar.

first thing
in the morning

Among you and me, Don, some of our darling classic rock & prog heroes have been so wise so early because they heard about Old Owls in Athens and actually listened to fairy tales. Enough said. In order to enjoy our fresh freekdom we only have to skip that sugar and milk. Like genuine progadelish wizards, mind. Relish, what does Man think in kinda universe we're belivin'. Ey, Elliot, have you been heard? your percolator is on the fritz, sparkling. Fizzy thinks...hmmm. This station's gonna change the United Nations..into loads of ripe toads. Elephants and elven fans are already over the Moon, flapping with their ears. Nutter? uFly. Co-guitar ergo hocus-pocus, only dreaming of sleepless nights on the Olympus. Alice? Mad the Hatter says, Don slurps his gallopin' beansap out of fleets of saucers now.

"He isn't supposed to swim in there, inni. Wotta? he changes horses mid-stream? café olé."

Meanwhile at the round table....
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Re: This week's Progadelic Escapades features Aaron Clift

Postby Justin Credible » Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:40 am

All we can endeavor to try is raising our hats to the founder of known and the better be left alone rest of universe's most wanted, broadsidecasting flagship in a vain attempt to make a comic strip follow us. Know though why this cup of cosmos is relatively vast. Promise you myFriend to be wearing a patchwork Hard-Rock spacesuit from some several bars on Mars before you switch on the ether when you play off The Flower Kings' rumored Unplucked single release "The Guard of Sweden" and "Flop of the Pops". uStan? on me mark-his-words. Lock'n'Lol, shy knees' sayne. ...flop of the pops, inni? running gechoes so wide and bright picket fenced walls sans song, nor wild vests, apple tree stumps, even without a sole, idea of spelling EARth, Space can hardly contain itself. Chipper-dee-karaoke
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