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Mental Flossing

Postby rabidyesfan » Wed Jan 21, 2009 1:21 pm

:lol: Hi Proggerz,
Now that Ive finally settled here in Ocala,FL I thought I might hang here again.I'm surprised to find a good music scene here in central Florida.Radio station (WIND FM) plays lots of Skynyrd (naturally)but also Blackfoot along with plenty of progrock.Finally,I just heard the new singer with YES (Benoit David).He sounds convincing enough but I still pray Jon Anderson shakes that asthma and gets back where he belongs in YES.Oliver Wakeman plays good keys with them also but father Rick is primo for me.
Chris Squire and his wife had a baby girl last month ( 1lb. 13oz.) I pray she pulls through.Her name is Xilan.Chris said she's a real Starship Trooper/pooper.he-he.
SO,DOES YES FINALLY GET IN THE ROCK'N'ROLL HALL OF FAME THIS YEAR?! They better or I'm going to revive my campaign and embarass those curators in that funky museum. Cleveland was my hometown in my childhood and I'm deeply upset that YES hasn't been inducted yet.
May ProgRock 4ever rain,rain,rain on us.
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