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Gimme a Ufo-GAME, or so...

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 7:28 am
by mondstar
FAIR weather to You all, poppickers, i mean Happy-Metal-Airguitar-Soloists,

Today i would like to propose a brand-new pastime/avocation/amusement ( a chiller), in which a 4umor may ask for a picture, if this free-roomer fulfills the forerunners preposterous crave. But be warned: don´t wish for a "to-dal-ly unimpossible" one, as a "phoutou" from an Alien would display, 4 xample.

scarcely more than a black&whi´ image, but nevertheless A sigh´:


So, without further hesitation - and explanations of the wherefore, ekcetera - might-i be so sanguine (this crazy-blimmin´cravat with silly imaginary sitar notes,, is for ga-ga guitar-geeks a-go-go) , as to wish for an ufo-pic. Shall the funtoppick haunt the time&space-fabric, and - bedda being a bit before the break of bay, .. a new´ good bite. (i beg your exclusives, but try to teach the next brunch, - chicky-2left-toes-mouse, that is - colloquial babylonnish, den)

Lotofplay-pleasure, "Showkou (mCrunchy) & cafè con amaretto critix" & bye

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 6:31 am
by mondstar
okey, okey,

i´ve done them in, the whole fleet of assaulting extra-terrific FLEEING coffee-pots § .. and outlandish, peculiar, whimsical sounds You could hear. (?)

""|c"..°.°.°. ..§ {that was the disco-ship, read from right to left, for ex-ample; (K=pointofnoreturn -between the dust-parti""cipates); -not any notations, that is, from a Jamie DEAN, ´cause they don´t know, what they´re DOIN}

Then, before i totally wrapped it up, in beating this here deadly do-not, i heard A further ehh noise: "...uh-la-la-laah - disco-dancing; ... on the dance floor, i think i have to say no more.... .. flower out of the shower.. ...that was weird.

So i lala fondled that universal femalish "summin" on its many-cheeked - ehh middle-bits, told her to choose one item from this here planet (she´s got lots of pairs o´shoes and also handkerchiefs and - much experience), while i modified a space-vehicle in a mo, with stealth technology, too. Why i didn´t pick up the new chinese - ehh, experiment..? ... aunch_2.qt

.?..probably would the outlook not be so spec-oolative through their slotted porthole/scuttle. ( me, i´m already unlearning human speech)

biep-bub-bulluring-a beach boy bong..

In about 5min. we will leave the 60 liteyeahs radio-wave-broadcastin´ range around "earf" (3 crosses - spell plusplusplus), only listening to CHICKY´s voice..(we ended up with tons of wellies in our "a-freight-room" - i expect "nothing-in-perpendicular" from her "wotter-world" - 1 thing i will tell You: she´s wearing them, like they were intended to be ..mpff, get my drift ?)

What I forgot are these ahh-so-logical posters, but only JG JOHFRA´s, PLS, start with SCORPION, or better next "mumpfs" SAGITTARIUS. (be cautious, though: after asking for people´s starsigns, they will land in a drawer, see?; so i thought, anyway)

till then, )O-´,o´,o´,o´,o-~~> (search-engines do -ehh dings..), <-- that´s no kaiman, no scorpion either, hehe

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:21 am
by mondstar
..that wasn´t that diffikult to pAlace into earthly neat web-pitch. As s.o. stated earlier, do not ask people about their starsign, because after doing so, U are only going to see merely animals, household-gadgets & flying toasters. Are there green behind the ears habitants in the foreground on "planet of small gods" ? (to belongs the honour of these....nonsense)


So, sumbuddy else may continue with the lame-game, but not earlier than after picking the best pic from for us; much cut&glue pleasure - go gals

..and a big hello - ello - lo - lo - lol (lying on look-out; unlucky Lollos, all over the space ..
(tumulti-versum pirate greets "all me sweat-hards"; #,>S )

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 6:38 am
by Wasara
Cool links there,Mondstar!

And sure I like jouncing Lollos,on the earth and those freely bouncing in the universe!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 11:42 am
by mondstar
Happy & Healthy Long Ear, Gina (LOLLObridge-and burn - ital. actress ) and just dry over the rill/runnel (very small river, right?)

Hey, on the 8. day did i do A whole body shower a-thingy (gives me several, all over), came back to the somewhat tuned abacus and Relish Radio couldn´t prevent the ´ought to-pilot´ fiddling with Genesis - Robbery, Assault and Battery (<- RIGHT mouse-KlICK, no sweat). There P. Collins suggests s.t. like "..have sum fonn "; it is him (i-m--s-u-r-e), de man with a long face waving out o´ a cell - and now, HOW, ding-GONG (wOw..!Pack-it-in-nese!) Lion =^Q^= at his ease/leisure a-gain.

The only fing, that upsets ... the (s)table, is the ... calmness before the ... this sheer, eh here 4room. If no person is interested in M. C. Escher, then mabby a pic from an animal, where it´s mending the feathercoat or a small fish cleaning a bigger one with...wo´ever (brr, wohda) Very fortunately does the writer live a bit far away from a coast, though he can almost see the tumultuous stream, There Somewhere Below. The weapons are in perfect shape, a little oxided, say rusted (how come?-pfft); bestows on them an additional tint of .. dunno, sudden death, instant karma for unlucky unlooked-for losers, hehe. (also see Terry Pratchett´s Diskwhirl novels, starting ? wiw ? ehm: The Color of Magick - The Light Fantastic - and nr.5 Mort - - but dozend ma´´er)

So, it´s so sunday, inner second -wotwos me trying to bring over - this new installed compu´er a-ru(i)nning-system stills brings cold cofy - never change a window-team.

You get the same result, throwing an ice-cube into a beansap (kaffy-ine free, bythecorner-shop buggers) con schoko-crossies , yup ... sniggers, ba.

..o´righty, 1 cup authentico on 1 of A mornin´ will hardly do any dam..-sure, when a beverage won´t work, first fing in no dayligh...

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 12:08 pm
by mondstar
Not a Benny: and what is this then, rob-bot ( .? ..... a row dotzZ), melk+sugar in me medicine ? wait-err, leave the cow-drunk....BUT(ter), tha´s kefir, bummer...

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 12:26 pm
by mondstar
ps- de musik is more to everybody´s ? liking, rowdot - listen to what "Blue Win´" (J.Beck) is whispering... a spammer into rawdata´s work; , ha, that has made him Fly directly into the open - ask myself, how far it will come, in the Crashing ocean... missing a link and "The Watch", giving off a terminal spark in the dark...pieffffff

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 5:08 pm
by mondstar
Here´s the Picture:

What about one from Antoni Gaudi´s buildings, Friedensreich Hundertwasser or Salvador Dali ?

Ow-right, a Best CD-Cover, just showing, i´m not alone in the wide, wild web.

Ever tried MS´ PAINt ? - pffff

PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 9:32 am
by mondstar
This is what i see, when sun-protuberances disturb the earthly electrical infrastructur. (scarcely recall the soul-system) .....No images, no sound ? i´m already home-bound.


An´ here´s Prog, my phantastically rushing overwater ... gimmick.

So my alien-babe and space-mouse, we were just discussing .... actually we´re at haywire: she wants a prog-big-band and i a decent talk about vacation, a solo-trip to M 3000, the celestrial string-notes, or "pling-plong-plus".

1. things 1. : Salvator´s ....only acceptable ..attempt.

Will somebody send us a view of summer, prapps? Thnx.

ps - no CD-shops in the vicinity of 2 5oo ooo liteyears, i can tell U; only lots of c-e-r-t-a-i-n super-stars.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:45 am
by mondstar
taddaah, a letter from an outpost, sent last summer. What i´ve encountered there, laters.


Pls transmit the address for livestream at eighteen 100 m@ (midAtlantic time). Prosper and fare Thee well.

Image - Image

(1hour 2go)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:37 am
by Wasara
Heyya Mond!

I have seen and visited Gaudi's building,a curch,in Barcelona,w000t that was cool!I have also tried to find Dali's posters but they are rare and quite expensive here in Finland.

Cool pics there,Mondstarry!

Did you know that Dali was very intrested in modern physics,like quantum mechanics?