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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2005 3:49 am
by Wasara
It is spam,spam,spam always spamm...spamming,Mondstar!Do you know that Monty Python song?

What comes to Stanley Clarke,he was slapper.Tappers are for example Victor Wooten or Billy Sheehan,altough their are also awesome slappers.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 2:54 am
by Wasara
I formulate new question:

Coke or Pepsi Cola?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 7:19 am
by mondstar

okay, for the fun of it, let´s SAY: tsotsa-tsola
(as long as it is very sweet &&, & Schweppes-Cola is the same & You won´t hear one more word, and what is the alternative: Pernod with anise-schnapps?)

So, having finished that one will i continue with a somewhat simpler question:

AMD or Intel;
nVidia or Ati?

nopes, really more to the point would be:

an always malfunctioning b°ll-%~ or an Optical-Mouse ?
(have You ever watched a PC-user treating a rotten "rolling-ball" rodent, or Ur-self for that matter, not knowing, that too much fish, chips, chocolate, hairs&fur is disadvantageous, even quite the opposite: a fun-& in the end an equipment-killer. Not to mention all other things flying through the CLOSED windows XPeriments..)

In the not so far future (~2000) will there be an even lesser, err Laser-Miau up for grasp; You may also vote for that one, but only with an explanation, why You would go after this one and a recipe...

(using the button-board with fervor and all paws&CLAWS, plus a hardly-felt...mouse-Kick :smt073)
Well now, the jamming ball lies with U, GHOSTS :smt031 (do not fume, but rather fumble, hehe..)

i´m not taking the chikki-mikki; ...though...wosthetime? happy-hour? ..a fat rat or four ... to begin "wiw"..
(a tip: forget anyhow, to clean Your den, easier meat will pop up rather sooner than later)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 6:11 am
by Wasara
OK Mondstar!

I'll pick nVidia,definitely!

I have optical mouse currently,I like it but it has disadvantages while playing PC-games.

Btw,are you from New York,Mondstar?

Call of Duty or Metal of Honour?---these are PC-games!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 5:00 am
by mondstar
hey Wotsup,

wa? really? no problems with no rodents here whatsoever.

and again no, not N. Y. , methinks we all here live on the counterweight side of the planet.

´de cappm´ on the foremost wave of time its surf (?) asks,

"preferably listen to andor watch OR make the news yourself ?"

and shouts, "...look ahead, a wattafaahh..|_

(ghnno wave-smilys, here @least) :mrgreen: ciaou

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 7:55 am
by mondstar
..and, i have no clue, know neither of the two games - should think, that Call of Duty is the better, but Metal of Honor ´me´chosen one would be.


PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 6:07 am
by Wasara
Hello Mond!

I think the Metal Of Honour is a good choice...resently I have been playing Rome:Total War-good strategy game...

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 7:45 am
by mondstar
is it ?, Ceasar -and how is Cleopatra faring nowadays ? I have heard, she used to be such a darling/lovey/nugget.

As a matter of fact can she not make up her mind between a hard place, Rock or fortnight-old rolls.

So i try to cut down her choices in giving her only two alternatives: a) "Ceasar´s Palace Blues" (UK) or b) "The Packard Goose" (FZ)

(Dr. Doctor, can u cure me from rhyming nonsense and going into more repetitions ? - plus a cup of ocean against that darn nero-BURNs-my cd/dvd.. midnight sOIL - once i could not, due to it, start "Tetris"-the ultimate weather-prediction software; had to P%P, tuck it away)

Once upon a time, a roman emperor had a tiny little bird and it says within his skull, "geez"..

-Keanu ´Maytricks`Reeves (123 out of 8,9 points, at least) at large. And, why is the stream not on; missed Bill Bruford - Travels With Myself, 4 instance.

Eh, whatsthewater like, Thor? ...

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 8:22 am
by Wasara
You mentioned Thor?Do you mean the deity...and that Thor has hammer.My name Wasara is Finnish and means hammer in English.

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 12:00 pm
by mondstar
Yep and i ask me what is going to happen when this Thor and his hammer, with which he normally throws thunderbolts onto the world, inadvertently steps into the water? Will he a) turn into a hammer-shark, finishing a fish-life on rare occasions with his revolver-bit (getting new teeth on ends like...this), also called cannon (my Leo-"trancelater" keeps on pointing that out-ch), OR
b) will we see a somewhat massive, serenely-looking, shadow-casting snow-cloud all of a sudden between Helsinki and Hawaii inclusive a surprising dry passage to America ? !! ....

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 3:52 pm
by danzilla
Ummm.... B) catostrophic weather occurance.

Next choice:

Jeff beck with:
A) Max Middleton
B) Tony Hymas

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:24 am
by Wasara

and Wellcome to DA-Forum,Danzilla!

I'll pick Tony Hymas

Brasilian WC soccer team or Italian one?

Re: The Take Your Pick Game!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:24 am
by mondstar
...american foobolle? Image

one step forwertz and three in the back, phrow me away loik.

How abou' that then:

a funny body-odour gilding eau de colloquium ge'-off opium for the primary shoal of saucialists or a tiny gadget of steaming flavours?

me has got hold of a fairly mind-boggling fountain what me mum, winning that at a raffle, thought might do less havoc if in capable hands of a clumsy procker. Yeah right, what a witty mess. Okay, you can put ordinary water into a percolator for all sorts of drippin' things and trinkets, so we took a few fluids of that wreally weird iets, a micro-wave told me that it is made up of forty magic qualities, can now think of a shower in the changing-room, and could do with a trickot-swap, wop? ahh, here we marvel you might say. Our mermaid became a puny lil fidgety.

Whatever you might begin musing, know that i let off some steam we actually got that thingy afloat. The statue of running water out of an amphora cornucopia fillhoney, well, you'd need some fantasy, spritely is sprinkling further two soup-bowls wet what then jumps into a word-fool, kind of. Listen to the whirl for a better dream, whoah, all is playing so jocosely, every led now available in four colours is reflecting a simple light glow into the night sky, voilà, picked up natural science and the air is rushing with flary smellows.

.ghiime a sec

Proust, the Marcel, how could an electro-motor function in a common aquarium of hydrophone'ics, eh? that whole caboodle looked easy-quizzy, one needed though all sources of funny ideas. You can imagine that. More often than brainy spells we sprinted over a jungle-path what couldn't be written into a book of taliesyn. Ow the very hippie minnits, so flippin pages you might seize in the library. Without much looking have I picked up the small flasks of all-from-the-solar-system and an icing of lilacs. Tell you a story from the slumberlandcastle later, right now is the aztec temple giving off puffs like a mad scientist, sompthing is being mixed at the cocktail bar. A French fish legging mayan, ze toodle-ooze.