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PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2006 3:08 am
by rabidyesfan
:lol: At the outset let me say that DA is the finest station I've ever seen and heard but a little bug is knawing in my barely functioning brain. Take a look at the forum at seems,by its design,that it generates a smooth flow of jaw-flapping traffic.Over there I'm known as kellart1 and I seem to have more frequent responces. At DA there seems to be so many topics to respond to which to me, I love. It just seems an approach to a "streamlined"section could be experimented with to see if it generates more frequency and "flow" of conversations.Then again I wouldn't want DA to change one bit.It's great! I'm just serving up mental food for fodder..........Progon mates,rabidyesfan.