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Postby Pam » Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:44 pm

Not sure what I think of it. Mac users (like me) have to download VLC. I had VLC when Papa J was on Radiant Flow and was only too happy to uninstall it when he left. There is also a really long delay from DJ to listener so nothing is really "in the moment" live which makes chat sort of goofy because the DJ can't respond to live comments in chat until at least about 30 seconds later. VLC can glitch on me and does about once a show. I liked itunes a whole lot better.

Don't you think AAC+ is going to turn off new listeners who have to download something or mess with winamp? Band members, too. I certainly wouldn't download software just to hear something for the first time...unless it's a show like Papa J's on Radiant Flow where I was already familiar and had a desire to listen.

This isn't as bad as when chat changed....but it's sort of a drag while in chat and people come in wondering why they can't listen...then have to be walked through what they need to do all evening.

It just seems that changing to a new audio format that is not standard for soooooo many....then making the listener jump through hoops to use AAC+, isolates the station....and alienates the listener.
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Postby neiler » Sun Aug 20, 2006 5:00 pm

im a windows user, and found it very easy to figure out after reading simple instructions on the website. I also think that the quality of the stream now is well worth whatever trouble it takes to aquire the needed plugins.
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