Displaying chatroom as full separate window??

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Displaying chatroom as full separate window??

Postby Buglunch » Sat Nov 13, 2004 4:45 pm

Please put on FAQ page how we do this.
Is chatroom a usergroup? FAQ still does not say how to display as such.
I know how to enter chat text in mainpage box, but cannot see anything else ever; cannot see anyone else's chat ever.

Please advise as soon as permissible. My l337skilz are absent in this regard and it was very frustrating duirng the November 13 European Yes 'Netcast not to be able to do this and the DJ could not help or did see my realtime requestpost on this.
Also some songs that were on the playlist and he talked about never came through on the 'Netradio and I was listening attentively the whole time at the keyboard and speakers. :?: :oops:
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