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Postby Progmyster » Sat Nov 27, 2004 4:24 pm

I think it is great you are doing a line of clothing, but it is important that your image is big bold front & centre. I absolutely love you station and everything about it.
I've been a very successful fulltime Creative Designer & Illustrator for the past 30 years and would only be too happy to do you up a line of t-shirt, hoody & apparel illustrations, graphic & logo designs that do you station true justice.
You just have to ask, it would be FREE, the least I could do to help out a station that has literally change my life for the better ten fold!!!!
This would be true labour of joy for me, JUST ASK, man.
Give me some ideas of what you'd like & you will recieve a big bunch of alternative that then you can choose from.
Think along the lines of Roger Dean combined with the new Halo graphics simplfied for easy economic silkscreen.

It's up to you I'm here to help My good Friends

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