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android app

Postby bbtboy » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:03 pm

Seeing how like 90% of non-american smartphone users are on android, its suprising you didn't focus on that rather than an iOS app. My opinion is that north-americans (the one main locality where iOS is as high as 50%) are probably less likely to be into 'prog' than other parts of the world like europe. Sure you can use tune-in or other general internet radio players, but having an app in the google play store might turn up more listeners than just relying on the "infinite" general internet. Its also true that of that 90%, perhaps half of those are non-google (no play store access) smartphones, but still - a lot of those tend to be in china which I suspect may not be the biggest prog fans. I admit that such assumptions are just educated guesses, I have not looked at any hard figures about music popularity outside of north america and western europe. Not to mention in my experience the stereotypical iPhone user is not going to be into prog. (but, I use both android and iOS devices regularly)
Its inevitable that the listenership will continue to slowly drop unless more attention can be brought to the station as music streaming services continue to rise.
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