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Prog History

Postby rabidyesfan » Thu May 11, 2006 6:11 am

:lol: Lest we not forget,there was a time when Yes opened for Gentle Giant!Also my sister was working for Spectrum Recording Studios in Ft Lauderdale,FL in the late 80's and spent a considerable amount of time with Jeff Beck without knowing who he was until he took her out to lunch.Then she calls me after he left................DAMN SIBLINGS!! Another time,a co-worker of mine had Eric Clapton stay over at his house during the 461 Ocean Blvd days and he gave him a pure white teflon copy of "Slowhand"which he let me record from.This was also in the 80's,Another friend of mine worked in a studio in New York and he stayed up all night while Jimi Hendrix wasted roll after roll of recording tape.Now I know you won't believe this one:1964,I'm in the Navy in Brunswick,GA,I got two tickets to see this new band called the Rolling Stones.My date stood me up so I went by myself to Jacksonville,FL to see them at the Gator Colliseum.In desperation I found a prostitute at my hotel to go with me.The day of the show,after our "Aternoon Delight"she comes back to my room and says,"guess who's staying three doors down the hall?"Yep! You guessed it! I talked to Mick and Kieth while Charlie and Bill were laughing about something and Brian was passedout on the bed>Mick asked me where can we get a drink after the show,so after the show Me and the Prostitute took Mick,Kiethand Brian down by the docks where I knew we could get served underage and we drank till the sun came up.True story! What a memory now!!!!!In 1964 thier popularity was just starting to "snowball".........................rabidyesfan
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