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:twisted: Put sum fun in your life.Only takes a few minutes. Go,then look for Creative Archive Licencing Group-click it and look for"Tell Us What You Think?"-click it and up comes a simple e-mail form.Fill it in and request the concert film of "King Arthur,Knights Of The Roundtable-On Ice"by Rick Wakeman be released so the world can purchase a DVD/CD of this 3-day event in 1975.The BBC has been "sitting"on this film all this time denying us PROGGERS a historic concert that WE'D LIKE TO SEE IN OUR LIFETIME,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I also got this campaign working in bloody OL'ENGLAND on their station.So many things wrong in this world and we have the power to change it!!!!..............................sincerely,rabidyesfan(kellart1) (Dennis)
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