SSOtS Playlist 11-9-17

Yes and related artists. DJ: Don Cassidy

SSOtS Playlist 11-9-17

Postby FKYES » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:42 am

Yes- I Would Have Waited Forever- Union
Yes- Heart Of The Sunrise- Progeny- Highlights From Seventy- Two
Yes- Shoot Hi, Aim Low- Big Generator
Rick Wakeman- Ann Of Cleves- The Six Wives Of Henry VIII
Rick Wakeman- StairwayTo Heaven- Piano Portraits
Rick Wakeman- Men In Suits- Retro
Jon Anderson- Change We Must- Change We Must
Anderson & Wakeman- Housr Of Freedom- The Living Tree
Anderson/Stolt- Invention Of Knowledge- The Invention Of Knowledge
Yes- Mindrive- Keystudio
Yes- Harold Land- Yes
Yes- South Side Of The Sky- Ultimate Yes

\FTP\Delicious Agony\Don Cassidy\Shows\SSOTS 081\SSOTS 081 Voiceover 1.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Yes\1991 - Union\01. I Would Have Waited Forever.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Yes\2015 - Progeny- Highlights From Seventy-Two\03. Heart Of The Sunrise.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Yes\1987 - Big Generator\03. Shoot High, Aim Low.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Rick Wakeman\1973 - The Six Wives Of Henry VIII\02. Anne Of Cleves.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Rick Wakeman\2017 - Piano Portraits\02. Stairway To Heaven.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Rick Wakeman\2006 - Retro\04. Men In Suits.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Jon Anderson\1994 - Change We Must\12. Change We Must.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Anderson & Wakeman\2010 - The Living Tree\03. House Of Freedom.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Don Cassidy\Shows\SSOTS 081\SSOTS 081 Voiceover 2.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Anderson Stolt\2016 - Invention Of Knowledge\01. Invention Of Knowledge.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Yes\1997 - Keys To Ascension 2\07. Mind Drive.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Yes\1969 - Yes\05. Harold Land.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Don Cassidy\Shows\SSOTS 081\SSOTS 081 Voiceover 3.mp3
\FTP\Delicious Agony\Library\Yes\2004 - Ultimate Yes\03. South Side Of The Sky.mp3
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