Progressive Buffet Playlist 3-22-06

DJ: Don Cassidy

Progressive Buffet Playlist 3-22-06

Postby FKYES » Wed Mar 22, 2006 11:10 pm

Progressive Buffet 3-22-06

Progressive Buffet Intro
Led Zeppelin- Custard Pie- Physical Graffiti
Igzit-Nine- Day of the Nautilus- Igzit- Nine
Jim Carey- Back To You fuckers
Magic Elf- Heavy Meddle- Heavy Meddle
Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Pirates, Works Volume One
The Flower Kings- Selfconsuming Fire- Paradox Hotel
The Flower Kings- Life Will Kill You- Paradox Hotel
Egg- A Visit To Newport Hospital- The Polite Force
Gentle Giant- Playing The Game- The Power and The Glory
Glass Hammer- Long and Long Ago- The Inconsolable Secret
Johan Hedman of Violent Silence
Violent Silence- Subzero- Kinetic
Styx- The Grand Illusion- The Grand Illusion
Kevin Gilbert- Joytown- Live At The Troubadour
Static- Mesopatamia- Patterns
Joe Nardelli- Progressions- Joe Nardelli
Queensryche- The Chase- Operation Mindcrime Two
Phillip Griffith of Alias Eye- Station ID
Alias Eye- A Clown’s Tale- A Differing Point Of You
The Beatles- Helter Skelter- The Beatles
Don Cassidy
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