# 524 The Who-Quadrophenia-1973

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# 524 The Who-Quadrophenia-1973

Postby canvas » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:32 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 524
In Focus-The Who-Quadrophenia-1973

UK-In The Dead Of Night-UK-1978 (John Wetton & Allan Holdsworth)
John Wetton-Rendezvous 6:02 (1995)-Akustika Live In Amerika-2017
Emerson Lake & Palmer-Karn Evil 9 Part 1-Brain Salad Surgery-1973
Focus-Victoria-The Focus Family Album-2017
Khan-Space Shanty-Space Shanty-1972 (Dave Stewart & Steve Hillage)
Sebastiaan Cornelissen-Club Fusion-Not This Time-2015
The Who-I Am The Sea-Quadrophenia-1973
The Who-The Real Me-Quadrophenia-1973
The Who-Quadrophenia-Quadrophenia-1973

Schon & Hammer-I'm Down-Untold Passion-1981
Jeff Beck & The Jan Hammer Group-Freeway Jam-Live-1977
The Fringe-Opening Day-The Fringe-2016 (Nick D'Virgilio & Jonas Reingold)
Simon Phillips-Nimbus-Protocol 4-2017 (Greg Howe)
Queen-Brighton Rock-Sheer Heart Attack-1974
Crack The Sky-Safety In Numbers-Safety In Numbers-1977
Kevin Gilbert-While Heroes Cry-Nuts-2009
The Who-I'm One-Quadrophenia-1973
The Who-The Dirty Jobs-Quadrophenia-1973

Security Project-Lead A Normal Life-Contact-2017 (Rick Marotta)
Nad Sylvan-When The Music Dies-The Bride Said No-2017 (Tony Levin)
Adam Nitti-Anti Social Media-Not Of This World-2015
Downes Braid Association-North Sea-Suburban Ghosts- 2015
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado-Culture Clash-2013 (Minnemann, Beller & Govan)
Frost-Lights Out-Falling Satellites-2016
French TV-Noble Obelisk-Operation: Mockingbird-2017
Alan Simon-The Vision-Songwriter-2017 (John Wetton)
The Who-I've Had Enough-Quadrophenia-1973

Gamalon-Souveniers-Gamalon-1987 (Tom Schuman)
Led Zeppelin-Carouselambra-In Through The Out Door-1979
Bob Frye-Box Of Stars-Uzoma-2015
The Neal Morse Band-Waterfall- The Grand Experiment-2015 (Mike Portnoy)
The Who-The Rock-Quadrophenia-1973
The Who-Love, Reign O'er Me-Quadrophenia-1973
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