# 526 Kansas-Song For America-1975

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# 526 Kansas-Song For America-1975

Postby canvas » Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:11 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 526
In Focus-Kansas-Song For America-1975

Phish-Down With Disease-Hoist-1994
Jeff Kollman-Where Is One? (1999)-Shedding Skin-2017 (Shane Gaalaas)
John Wetton-Thirty Years/Only Time Will Tell (1995)-Akustika Live In America-2017
Brand X-Euthanasia Waltz-But Wait...There's More! (live)-2017 (Percy Jones & John Goodsall)
Ambrosia-Make Us All Aware-Ambrosia-1975
Marillion-Cinderella Search-B' Sides Themselves-1988
Canvas-Neon World-Avenues-2002
Kansas-Song For America-Song For America-1975

David Sancious-Suite (For The End Of An Age) Just As I Thought-1979
Kevin Gilbert-Imagemaker/Water Under The Bridge-The Shaming Of The True-2000 (Nick D'Virgilio)
Dave Kerzner-Chain Reaction-Static-2017 (Randy McStine)
Steve Hackett-Martian Sea-The Night Siren-2017
Squackett-Aliens-A Life Within A Day-2012 (Hackett & Squire)
Steve Hillage-The Fire Inside (1979) (live)-Searching For The Spark-2016
Kansas-Lamplight Symphony-Song For America-1975

Lonely Robot-Lonely Robot-Please Come Home-2015 (John Mitchell)
Frost-Blacklight Machine-Milliontown-2006 (John Mitchell)
Neil Campbell-Private Collection 3-Emergence-2015
James Gang-The Bomber-Rides Again-1970 (Joe Walsh)
UKZ-Houston-Radiation-2009 (Eddie Jobson & Trey Gunn)
Security Project-Lead A Normal Life-Contact-2017 (live) (Trey Gunn)
Chick Corea-Nite Sprite-The Leprechaun-1976 (Steve Gadd)
Kansas-The Devil Game-Song For America-1975

Magic Pie-Headlines/Endless Ocean-The Suffering Joy-2011
The Neal Morse Band-Slave To Your Mind-The Simplitude Of A Dream-2016 (Mike Portnoy)
The Renegades-Sculpture Of Limitations-Stuffed Animal Baseball-2005
Blackfield-Once-Blackfield II-2007 (Steven Wilson)
Steven Wilson-Nowhere Now-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
Kansas-Incomudro-Hymn To The Atman-Song For America-1975
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