# 539 Zero 7-Simple Things-2001

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# 539 Zero 7-Simple Things-2001

Postby canvas » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:18 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 539
In Focus-Zero 7-Simple Things-2001

Styx-Mother Dear-Equinox-1975
Steven Wilson-Drive Home-The Raven That Refused To Sing...-2013 (Guthrie Govan)
Kino-I Don't Know Why-Radio Voltaire-2018 (John Mitchell)
Frost-Black Light Machine-The Rockfield Files-2013 (John Mitchell)
Fragile-Urich Acid-Poison Quells Poison-2005 (Koichi Yabori)
Unifaun-The Birth Of A Biggie-Unifaun-2008 (Nad Sylvan)
Zero 7-I Have Seen-Simple Things-2001
Zero 7-Destiny-Simple Things-2001 (Sia Furler)

Spock's Beard-Falling For Forever-The First Twenty Years-2015 (Neal Morse & Ted Leonard)
Laura Meade-Conquer The World-Remedium-2018
Izz-Own The Mystery-Everlasting Instant-2015 (Laura Meade)
Rob Crow-(Keep Feeling) Fascination-Single-2010
Giraffe-Because Of You-Yamaha Soundcheck Finals-1988 (live) (Kevin Gilbert)
Kevin Gilbert-Shadow Self (1995)-Thud-2015
Zero 7-Red Dust-Simple Things-2001

Nad Sylvan-The Bride Said No-The Bride Said No-2017 (Nick D'Virgilio & Steve Hackett)
Genesis-Duke's Travels/Duke's End-Duke-1980
The Neal Morse Band-Long Day/Overture-The Similtude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg-2018
The Moody Blues-The Actor-In Search Of The Lost Chord-1968
Gazpacho-Sky Burial-Soyuz-2018
Wishbone Ash-Hold On (1982)-Twin Barrels Burning-2018
Zero 7-In The Waiting Line-Simple Things-=2001

Canvas-Brightest Star-Long Way To Mars-2013 (Tammy Lounsberry)
Alain Caron-Enhanced-Sep7entrion-2010
The Man From Rav Con-Promised Land-Another World-2018
Faded Paper Figures-B Film-Dynamo-2008
Daniel J-All The Same For You-Losing Time-2005
Armageddon-Silver Tightrope-Armageddon-1975 (Bobby Caldwell & Keith Relf)
Zero 7-Out Of Town-Simple Things-2001
Zero 7-Likufanele-Simple Things-2001
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