# 541 Mahogany Rush-Strange Universe-1975

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# 541 Mahogany Rush-Strange Universe-1975

Postby canvas » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:20 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 541
In Focus-Mahogany Rush-Strange Universe-1975

Frost-Numbers-Falling Satellites-2016 (John Mitchell & Jem Godfrey)
Jellyfish-Let Em' In/That Is Why (1991)-Live At Bogarts-2012 (Jason Falkner)
Jason Falkner-I Live-Presents Author Unknown-1996
Kino-Out Of Time-Radio Voltaire-2018 (John Mitchell & Pete Trewavas)
Ambrosia-For Openers (Welcome Home)-Road Island-1982
Prism-Mizumi To Sora-Palace In The Sky-2011
Laura Meade-What I See From Here-Remedium-2018
Colosseum II-Desperado-Electric Savage-1977 (Gary Moore & Jon Hiseman)
David Cross-White Bird-Crossing The Tracks-2018
Mahogany Rush-Tales Of The Spanish Warrior-Strange Universe-1975 (Frank Marino)

Kansas-Cheyenne Anthem-Leftoverture-1976
Steve Walsh-Pages Of Old-Shadowman-2005
Steven Wilson-Pariah-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
Francis Dunnery-Hometown-Man-2001
The Sea Within-An Eye For An Eye For An Eye-The Sea Within-2018 (Roine Stolt & Marco Minnemann)
Spock's Beard-So This Is Life-Noise Floor-2018 (Nick D'Virgilio)
Trix-Jungle Circuit-Art-2006
Armonite-The March Of The Stars-And The Stars Above-2018
Mahogany Rush-King Who Stole The Universe-Strange Universe-1975 (Paul Harwood)

Zenit-Awaken-The Chandrasekhar Limit-2012
John Wetton-Thirty Years/Only Time Will Tell (1995)-Akustika-2017 (live)
Wishbone Ash-Sometime World (1977)-The Vintage Years-2018 (live)
Martin Turner-Intro/The Beauty Of Chaos-Live At The Citadel-2018
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015 (Mike Portnoy)
Toy Matinee-Things She Said (Alt Version)-Toy Matinee-1990 (Kevin Gilbert)
Mahogany Rush-Moonlight Lady-Strange Universe-1975 (Jimmy Ayoub)

October Tree-Parallels/Mirrors-The Fairy's Wing-2012
Bent Knee-Holy Ghost-Land Animal-2017
Toto-Child's Anthem/Girl Goodbye-Toto-1978 (Steve Lukather & Jeff Porcaro)
Steve Lukather-Tell Me What You Want From Me-Ever Changing Tmes-2008
Garaj Mahal-Celtic Indian-Blueberry Cave-2005
Downes Braide-Light House-Skyscraper Souls DBA 3-2017
Mahogany Rush-Strange Universe-Strange Universe-1975
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