# 553 Genesis-Abacab-1981

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# 553 Genesis-Abacab-1981

Postby canvas » Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:56 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 553
In Focus-Genesis-Abacab-1981

Moon Safari-Yasgur's Farm-Blomljud-2008
Perfect Beings-A New Pyramid / The Blue Lake Of Understanding-Vier-2018
Marillion-That Time Of The Night-Clutching At Straws-1987
Garaj Mahal-Blueberry Cave-Blueberry Cave-2005
New Triumvirat-Vesuvius 79AD-Pompeii-1977 (Curt Cress)
Kiyomi Otaka-#26-Out Of Sight-2001 (Dave Weckl & Gary Willis)
Focus-Sylvia-III-1973 (Thijs Van Leer & Jan Akkerman)
Genesis-Me And Sarah Jane-Abacab-1981 (Tony Banks)

Yesterday And Today-Machine Messiah-50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes-2018 (D'Virgilio & Downes)
Dave Kerzner-Prelude / Hypocrites-Static-2017 (Fernando Perdomo)
Fernando Perdomo-I'm Here-Zebra Crossing-2018
Kiyo-Sen-Tiki Tiki-Organizer-2018 (Kiyomi Otaka & Senri Kawaguchi)
Riverside-Guardian Angel-Wasteland-2018
Joni Mitchell-Talk To Me-Don Juan's Reckless Daughter-1977 (Jaco Pastorius)
The Alan Parsons Project-I Robot-I Robot-1977
Brand X-Running On Three-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976 (Percy Jones & Phil Collins)
Genesis-Keep It Dark-Abacab-1981 (Phil Collins)

Rush-Middletown Dreams-Power Windows-1985
Phenomena II-Did It All For Love-Dream Runner (1987)-2018 (John Wetton & Scott Gorham)
Mahogany Rush-Moonlight Lady-Strange Universe-1975 (Frank Marino)
Yes-Every Little Thing-Yes-1969 (Peter Banks & Bill Bruford)
The Fents-Stick In The Mud-First Offense-1982 (Adam Holzman)
Steven Wilson-3 Years Older-Hand. Cannot. Erase.-2015 (Adam Holzman)
Emilio Garcia-Ultrablues-Ultrablues-2005
Genesis-Dodo / Lurker-Abacab-1981 (Michael Rutherford)

The Neal Morse Band-Long Day / Overture-The Similtude Of A Dream-2016 (Mike Portnoy & Eric Gilette)
Allan Holdsworth-Road Games-Road Games-1983 (Jeff Berlin & Chad Wackerman)
Uriah Heep-If I Had The Time-Sweet Freedom-1973
Yuka & Chronoship-The Airship Of Jean Giraud-Ship-2018
Focus-Heaven-Focus 11-2018 (Thijs Van Leer)
Anathema-Ariel-Distant Satellites-2014
Troposphere-One Track Mind-Troposphere-2017
Genesis-Like It Or Not-Abacab-1981
Genesis-Another Record-Abacab-1981
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