# 555 Spock's Beard-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997

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# 555 Spock's Beard-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997

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The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 555
In Focus: Spock's Beard-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997

Ayreon-Amazing Flight-Into The Electric Castle-1998 (Thijs Van Leer)
Strange Hobby-Bus Stop (1996)-Strange Hobby-2016 (Arjen Lucassen)
Kansas-Windows-Vinyl Confessions-1982
Lonely Robot-Lonely Robot-Please Come Home-2015 (John Mitchell & Craig Blundell)
Kick The Cat-Walking On Hot Sand-Scramble-2005
Giles, Giles & Fripp-North Meadow-The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp-1968
King Crimson-21st Century Schizoid Man-In The Court Of The Crimson King-1969 (Greg Lake)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer-Hoedown-Trilogy-1972
Spock's Beard-In The Mouth Of Madness-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997 (Neal Morse & Alan Morse)

Yesterday And Today-Starship Trooper-50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes-2018 (Francis Dunnery)
It Bites-Old Man And The Angel-Once Around The World-1988 (Francis Dunnery & John Beck)
Francis Dunnery-Hometown-Man-2001
Simon Phillips-Catalyst-Protocol III-2015 (Andy Timmons)
Porcupine Tree-Stranger By The Minute-Stupid Dream-1999 (Steven Wilson)
Steven Wilson-Pariah-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
Gleb Kolyadin-Insight-Gleb Kolyadin-2017 (Gavin Harrison & Nick Beggs)
Spock's Beard-June-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997 (Dave Meros)

The Fringe-A Second Or Two-The Fringe-2016 (D'Virgilio, Reingold & McStine)
Birdsong At Morning-Study In Blue-Signs And Wonders-2018
Dilemma-The Space Between The Waves-Random Acts Of Liberation-2018 (Dec Burke)
Steve Morse-Leprechaun Promenade-High Tension Wires-1989 (Andy West & T Lavitz)
Flying Colors-Infinite Fire-Flying Colors-2012 (Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
Tommy Bolin & Friends-Teaser (1975)-Great Gypsy Soul-2012 (Warren Haynes)
Spock's Beard-Strange World-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997 (Nick D'Virgilio)

Alan Morse-Cold Fusion-Four O'Clock And Hysteria-2007
Yes-America-Yesterdays-1974 (Bill Bruford)
Gino Vannelli-People Gotta Move-Stardust In The Sand-2009
The Neal Morse Band-Harm's Way-Alive Again-2016 (live) (Mike Portnoy & Eric Gilette)
Spock's Beard-Flow-The Kindness Of Strangers-1997 (Ryo Okumoto)
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