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Postby Tanya » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:17 am

Hi all. Am new here. I absolutely LOVE this station!!!!!!!!!

Best, most versatile prog. station I've ever heard, impossible to get bored listening. This discovery has definitely made my year. My CD collection is going to become sadly neglected (or else will burgeon to formidable dimensions....I forsee this is going to get VERY expensive.....) as a result.

Just got back from a 10-week trip to Australia.

Among many other interesting impressions, I discovered a Melbourne-based band, Template, on recommendation by a local. I can likewise highly recommend them, very engaging, lyrics are a bit cliche in part, but their musical style comes across as quite spirited, infectious and above par.
Simply put, I think they sound pretty cool. Might be worth a listen (or perhaps a broadcast via this station?).
I just ordered their CD (only one out so far), can be ordered over CDBaby or the band's website www.templatemusic.com in case anyone is interested.

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