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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:20 pm
by dalekay
minou38190 wrote:Ouaaah that's very cool, it is sure that if you are living in California, there is more shows than here in France , and in Grenoble, ah ??, no, tomorrow tuesday there is Herbie Hancock here in Grenoble, I can't go to his show, but a good friend of me will be there , I will ask him how that was !!!

TD wise, no .. the EU has had a rather a good time with TD in the past few years. I think it has helped them think about a world tour. Perhaps next year?

Manuel Göttsching will also being playing at Royce Hall, UCLA, 7 March 09..
it is rare to see good EM being played in my area.
For me, Royce Hall is about 65 miles one way, away. Local, other than some of the Kid's Raves, not much really.
Even hard is trying to find a place to play live for what I do. :roll: