Progadelic Escapades 2-05-18 Playlist

Don Cassidy, Mondays 8-10pm

Progadelic Escapades 2-05-18 Playlist

Postby FKYES » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:54 pm

Black Bonzo- Lady OF The Light- Lady Of The Light
Riverside- The Depth Of Self- Delusion- Lost 'N' Found- Live in Tilburg
Lunatic Soul- Red Light Escape- Fractured
Gong Expresso- Decadence- Decadence
Gong- Sleepy- Expresso
Gong- A Sprinkling Of Clouds- You
Frank Zappa- The Nancy & Mary Music- Chunga's Revenge
Genesis- Firth Of Fifth- Selling England By The Pound
Ozric Tentacles- Jellylips- The Floor's Too Far Away
Tangerine Dream- Richochet Part Two- Richochet
Rush- Xanadu- R40
Camel- Nimrodel- The Procession- The White Rider- A Live Record
Anathema- Ariel- Distant Satelites

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