Playlist 7-23-06

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Playlist 7-23-06

Postby FKYES » Sun Jul 23, 2006 9:49 pm

What’s New at DA? 7-23-06

Phoebe- Grandma
Rob Reed of Magenta- Station ID
Magenta- The Journey- Home
Magenta- Arrival- New York Suite
Sonny- Bada Bing
Spaced Out- Blood Fall- Unstable Matter
Variant- Carrin Carion- Beyond Jargon
Clerks- Dante and Randall on sex
Karfagen- A Winter’s Tale Parts One and Two- Continium
Marcangelo Perricelli- Now That You’re Gone- Its Only Me
Skin Alley- Living in Sin- Skin Alley
Clerks- The Social Event of the Season
Skin Alley- The Queen of Bad Intentions- To Pagham and Beyond
Billy Sherwood of Conspiracy- Station ID
Conspiracy- Hold Out My hand/You By My Side- Conspiracy Live
Frost- Hyperventilate/The Other Me- Milliontown
Billy Sheehan- Lost Bass Solo (Buffalo 1994)- Prime Cuts
Rush- The Weapon- Replay X3 (Grace Under Pressure Live)
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