Rickter Scale Show 681!

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Rickter Scale Show 681!

Postby Rick and Roll » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:01 pm

Airing on www.deliciousagony.com
Website: www.rickterscalerockradio.com

Tuesday, July 31, 2017 from 12-3 PM EST
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 from 7-10 PM EST

Two new releases in full, and one concert from the 70’s (also in full) complete the Rickter Scale this week. The first new one is the great Dutch group Leap Day with a mix of unreleased, alternative versions, and live tracks. The second new one is from English hard rockers Wytch Hazel, something you will really enjoy.

And, we will hear a spirited concert by Phil Manzanera’s 801 band, very high energy!

Leap Day – “Timelapse” (2018):

March Under The Symbol
Mind The Gap
Little Green Men (Alternate Version)
Half Man, Half Machine (Alternate Version)
Ancient Times (Alternate Version)
Awaking The Muse
Deucalion (Live)

801 – “Manchester” (1977):

Lagrima/T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows)
Flight 19
Listen Now
Law And Order
City Of Light
Initial Speed
That Falling Feeling
Diamond Head
Out Of The Blue
Remote Control
Miss Shapiro
You Really Got Me

Wytch Hazel – “II: Sojourn” (2018):

The Devil Is Here
Save My Life
Still We Fight
Wait On The Wind
See My Demon
Barrow Hill
Slaves To Righteousness
Angel Take Me
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