Rickter Scale Show 693!

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Rickter Scale Show 693!

Postby Rick and Roll » Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:17 am

Airing on www.deliciousagony.com
Website: www.rickterscalerockradio.com

Tuesday, November 20, 2017 from 12-3 PM EST
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 from 7-10 PM EST

A full play of two CD’s are featured this week, in and around some great music past and present. Dominican multi-instrumentalist and leader of the great band El Trio, Jonatan Pina Duluc, is out with his second release, “Substancia”. It’s avant-garde and brand new. We’ll also hear Polish band Lizard’s 2013 gem “Master & M”, in its entirety.

Brand X - Hate Zone (Moroccan Roll - 1977)

Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Fear Of The Dark - 1992)

Pat Travers - Amgwanna Kick Booty (Black Pearl - 1982)

The Flower Kings - City of Angels (The Rainmaker - 2001)

The Who - Eminence Front (It's Hard - 1982)

Museo Rosenbach - Il Respiro Del Pianeta (Barbarica - 2013)

Lizard - Master & M (2013):
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV

Jonatan Pina Duluc - Substancia (2018):
Substancia I
La Hoja Vertical
Substancia II
Substancia III
Substancia IV
La Hoja Horizontal
Sappy Times With The Regal Caribbean Mannequins

Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers (Wolfgang's Vault: Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee - 1975)

Toad - Tomorrow Blue (Tomorrow Blue - 1972)

The Knells - Synchromesh (The Knells - 2013)

Credo - Skintrade (This Is What We Do: Live In Poland - 2009)

Kansas - Song For America (Song For America - 1975)
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