Glass Onyon's Muzik Bizarre Playlist #3

An hour long program hosted by Billy James featuring new and vintage music from known and unknown experimental, eclectic, classic rock and progressive rock artists. Billy James runs the music publicity company Glass Onyon PR - some of his clients are Magma, Nektar, Curved Air, Gregg Rolie, Wishbone Ash, Kevin Godley, Flo & Eddie to name a few.

Glass Onyon's Muzik Bizarre Playlist #3

Postby glassonyonpr » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:17 pm

Glass Onyon's Muzik Bizarre playlist #3 - broadcasting 3/4/2010

1) Opening sequence - Glass Onyon's Muzik Bizarre ID - Billy James narration
2) Du Kommst Ins Heim - Amon Duul 2 - Bee As Such - 2010 - (download only)
3) Awake At Dawn - Random Touch - Through The Lense Of The Other - Token Boy Records 2010
4) Embedding In The Beat - Random Touch - same as #3
5) Heaven's Door - The Astonishment - Banana Sandwich - 2010
6) Little Lady Lillit - By Blood Alone - Seas of Blood - Jericho Records 2007
7) Hallelujah - ANT-BEE (feat. Peter Frohmader) - Electronic Church Muzik - TBA 2010
8) Middle sequence - Billy James narration
9) Still Standing - Amon Duul 2 - same as #2
10) The Well Oiled Mobius Strip - Random Touch - same as #3
11) Walking Over My Grave - Joey Stuckey - Take A Walk In The Shadows 1994
12) Center Stage Is Wherever She Is - Marlon Cherry - Fang Records 2006
13) Reality Fades - Mangrove - Beyond Reality - Mangrove Music 2009

Produced by Billy James for
(c) 2010
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Glass Onyon's Muzik Bizarre playlist #3 addendum

Postby glassonyonpr » Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:45 am

In this program, we will be premiering brand new material by German music legends Amon Duul 2 from their new download only album Bee As Such. Also, we will showcase 3 tracks from Illinois experimental outfit Random Touch from their upcoming CD in April called Through The Lense of the Other Dimension (Token Boy Records) We also play a track from ANT-BEE's upcoming CD Electronic Church Muzik, as well as music from blind Georgia guitarist Joey Stuckey, female led metal band By Blood Alone, a spoken word piece by The Astonishment from their new CD Banana Sandwhich, NY music artist Marlon Cherry, and Dutch prog band Mangrove.
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