Sibelius Feature May 3rd @ Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope

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Sibelius Feature May 3rd @ Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:17 am

Sibelius Feature May 3rd @ Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope

Sibelius is a Venezuelan neo-classical progressive metal project in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen's more classically oriented works but with even more classical leanings! The band is a duet comprised of guitarist Phillip Scheer and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Rojas. They have collaborated with such artists as Eddy Marcano (first violin of the Simon Bolivar Orchestra) and Pedro Castillo (vocalist and guitarist of legendary symphonic prog band Tempano).

I'll be featuring their debut "Rebellion", an especial track they sent me and an exclusive interview with Phillip Scheer during the last hour of Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope (May 3rd + the show runs from 5pm to 8pm EST).

To buy "Rebellion":

For more info:!/pag ... 848?ref=ts

PS: There is going to be a repetition of the entire show on Thursday 6th at 6pm EST (as always) 8)
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