Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 9 (Prog Memorial)

Progressive Rock draws influences form a wide array of genres and styles. Join me to explore every aspect of Progressive Rock and all those types of music that formed our beloved genre in a show where anything can happen.

Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 9 (Prog Memorial)

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Mon May 31, 2010 8:02 pm

I hope you enjoyed MSK's Prog Memorial

Here is the playlist

Caravan - The Love In Your Eye (feat. Morris Pert)
Peter Gabriel - Kiss of Life (feat. Morris Pert)
Brand X - Nuclear Burn (feat. Morris Pert)
Brand X - Macrocosm (feat. Morris Pert)
Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (feat. Morris Pert)
Bo Hansson - The Black Riders & Flight Of The Ford (feat. Bo Hansson)

Alberto Ginastera - Estancia Suite I
Alberto Ginastera - Estancia Suite II
Alberto Ginastera - Estancia Suite III
Alberto Ginastera - Estancia Suite IV
Keith Emerson - Malambo (from Estancia suite)

Rainbow - 16th Century Greensleaves (feat. Ronnie James Dio)
Rainbow - Stargazer (feat. Ronnie James Dio)
Richard Wright - Waves (feat. Richard Wright)
Pink Floyd - Summer '68 (feat. Richard Wright)
Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts (feat. Bo Hansson)
Bo Hansson - Waiting... (feat. Bo Hansson)
Bo Hansson - Waltz for Interbeings (feat. Bo Hansson)
Bo Hansson - Day and Night (feat. Bo Hansson)

------------Jazz is not dead---------------
Thelonious Monk - Medley: Just You, Just Me/Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
Frank Zappa - Be Bop Tango
Brand X - Malaga Virgen (feat. Morris Pert)
Gonzalo Mico - Evelyn Be Bop

Vytas Brenner - Morrocoy (live) (feat. Vytas Brenner)
Vytas Brenner - Ana Karina Rote (feat. Vytas Brenner)
Vytas Brenner - Cachunchú Florido (live) (feat. Vytas Brenner)
The Who - Amazing Journey
The Who - Sparks
Pink Floyd - Sheep (feat. Richard Wright)

The artists featured are:

*Morris Pert RIP (Brand X, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Mike Oldfield, etc.):
Scottish Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Classical percussionist.

*Bo Hansson RIP:
Swedish multi-instrumentalist with a keyboard oriented symphonic style. A legend of the first wave of prog.

*Ronnie James Dio RIP (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Elf and Dio):
Legendary american hard rock and metal vocalist.

*Rick Wright RIP (Pink Floyd):
Renown british keyboardist and permanent member of prog giant Pink Floyd.

*Vytas Brenner RIP:
Venezuela's prime progger, from the first wave of prog, with his distinct mix of instrumental symphonic prog, fusion, american/british folk, electronic experimentations ala Krautrock and venezuelan folk music.

Remember: This thursday's re-run (June 3) of the show will be moved to 3pm EST (just for that day!) :wink:
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Postby ProgressiveAttic » Mon May 31, 2010 8:06 pm

This week's Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope (Thursday June 2) encore will be moved from 6pm EST to 3pm EST (just for that day).

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