Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 23 (Halloween Special)

Progressive Rock draws influences form a wide array of genres and styles. Join me to explore every aspect of Progressive Rock and all those types of music that formed our beloved genre in a show where anything can happen.

Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 23 (Halloween Special)

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:00 pm

Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 23

The halloween special! .... featuring the dark and spookiest side of prog! 8)

California Guitar Trio - Tubular Bells
Gentle Giant - Alucard
Genesis - The Musical Box (Live)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Gnome

------Classical Piece: "Mussorgsky's A Night on the Bare Mountain"------
János Sándor; Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra - A Night On The Bare Mountain

Rick Wakeman - Judas Iscariot

---------Jazz Is Not Dead, It Just Smells Funny!---------
Thelonious Sphere Monk - Reflections
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Meeting Of The Spirits

King Crimson - One More Red Nightmare
Goblin - Dr. Frankenstein
Renaissance - Black Flame
Steve Hackett - Vampire with a Healthy Apetite (Live)
Peter Gabriel - Moribund The Burgermeister
Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine
Van Der Graaf Generator - Man Erg
Eloy - Atlantis' Agony At June 5th - 8498 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime
Tempano - Despair, Shout
David Minasian - Dark Waters
Emerson Lake & Palmer - The Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits
King Crimson - The Power To Believe I: A Cappella
King Crimson - Level Five
Rush - Witch Hunt
Goblin - Suspiria
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Prelude/Nightmare

Catch the encore on Thursday 4th of November @ 3:00 pm EST :!:

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