Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 195 (Top of 2015 II)

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Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 195 (Top of 2015 II)

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:11 pm

In this new edition of Sonic Kaleidoscope we review 2015 from a Prog perspective with my Top 25 Studio Albums of the year that just ended! Enjoy!

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---------Sonic Kaleidoscope's Top 25 Studio Albums of 2015 Countdown (#25 - #19)---------

#25 Solstice Coil's "Commute"
Solstice Coil - New Eyes
Solstice Coil - Meltdown
Solstice Coil - An Oldie (But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It)

#24 Hedersleben's "The Fall Of Chronopolis"
Hedersleben - An Empire
Hedersleben - The Third Time Fleet
Hedersleben - Somewhen Veaa (Dreamstate)
Hedersleben - Ghost Armada

#23 VLY's "I/[Time]"
VLY - Circles
VLY - Headache
VLY - Out Of The Maze
VLY - Perfect Place

#22 District 97's "In Vaults"
District 97 - Snow Country
District 97 - Death By A Thousand Cuts
District 97 - Handlebars
District 97 - Blinding Vision

#21 John Hackett's "Another Life"
John Hackett - Another Life
John Hackett - Look Up
John Hackett - Poison Town
John Hackett - Satellite
John Hackett - Forest
John Hackett - Another Day, Another Night

#20 Profusion's "Phersu"
Profusion - Forgetful Hero
Profusion - Wrinkled Maiden
Profusion - Nomen
Profusion - Infinite
Profusion - Masquerade

#19 Glass Hammer's "The Breaking of the World"
Glass Hammer - Third Floor
Glass Hammer - Babylon
Glass Hammer - Bandwagon
Glass Hammer - Nothing Everything

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Michael 8)

Just @ http://deliciousagony.com/

My favorite cover art from among the albums featured this week:
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