Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 198 (Top of 2015 IV)

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Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope 198 (Top of 2015 IV)

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:24 pm

In this new edition of Sonic Kaleidoscope we continue to review 2015 from a Prog perspective with my Top 25 Studio Albums of the year that just ended! Enjoy!

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---------Sonic Kaleidoscope's Top 25 Studio Albums of 2015 Countdown (#13 - #8)---------

#13 Echolyn's "I Heard You Listening"
Echolyn - Different Days
Echolyn - All This Time We're Given

#12 3RDegree's "Ones & Zeros Vol. 1"
3RDegree - The Gravity
3RDegree - This Is The Future
3RDegree - Circuit Court
3RDegree - Life At Any Cost
3RDegree - What It Means To Be Human

#11 Ozric Tentacles' "Technicians Of The Sacred"
Ozric Tentacles - The High Pass
Ozric Tentacles - Zingbong
Ozric Tentacles - Changa Masala
Ozric Tentacles - Switchback

#10 Beardfish's "+4626- Comfortzone"
Beardfish - Hold On
Beardfish - Comfort Zone
Beardfish - Ode To The Rock 'N' Roller

#9 Steven Wilson's "Hand. Cannot. Erase."
Steven Wilson - 3 Years Older
Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase
Steven Wilson - Transience
Steven Wilson - Ancestral

#8 Gazpacho's "Molok"
Gazpacho - Park Bench
Gazpacho - Choir Of Ancestors
Gazpacho - ABC
Gazpacho - Algorithm
Gazpacho - Molok Rising

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Michael 8)

Just @ http://deliciousagony.com/

My favorite cover art from among the albums featured this week (and this week it was a particularly difficult choice...):
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