What’s New! – Week of February 11, 2019

An hour-long weekly look at the best new progressive rock, hosted by Rick Dashiell

What’s New! – Week of February 11, 2019

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:33 pm

Airing on www.deliciousagony.com

Monday, February 11, 10AM-noon PM EST,
Thursday, February 14, 9AM-11AM EST

Jason Becker - Valley Of Fire (Triumphant Hearts)
Jason Becker - River Of Longing (Triumphant Hearts)

Pavlov's Dog - Hard Times (Prodigal Dreamer)
Pavlov's Dog - Winterblue (Prodigal Dreamer)
Pavlov's Dog - Thrill Of It All (Prodigal Dreamer)

Peter Hammill - My Unintended (X/Ten)
Peter Hammill - Reputation (X/Ten)
Peter Hammill - Charm Alone (X/Ten)

David Bowie - Golden Years (Glastonbury 2000)
David Bowie - Station To Station (Glastonbury 2000)

Ellesmere - Marine Extravaganza (Ellesmere II: From Sea And Beyond)

Vermillion Skye - This Digital Life (Zebra Mentality)
Vermillion Skye - Tottenham (Zebra Mentality)

Birth Control - Back From Hell (Live Harmonie Bonn)
Birth Control - Gamma Ray (Live Harmonie Bonn)
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