Progressive Buffet Playlist 9-15-04

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Progressive Buffet Playlist 9-15-04

Postby FKYES » Wed Sep 15, 2004 9:00 pm

Pink Floyd- One of These Days
Mike Keneally & The Metropole Orkest- Four Slices of Toast
Adam Sandler- Somebody Kill Me
Michael Pinella- The White Room
Genesis- The Musical Box
Jordan Rudess- Bar Hopping With Mr. Pinky
Dream Theater- Pull Me Under
Urban Spacemen- Cosmic Blues
Jaime Rosas Trio- Breve Pieza Rockera VI
Jamie Rosas- Sinfonia
Presto Ballet- The Fringes
Metal Church- Merciless Onslaught
Michael Sadler- I’m Not The Enemy
Kevin Gilbert- The Ghetto of Beautiful Things
Magenta- Envy
Hourglass- Altered State
Yellow Matter Custard- I Am The Walrus
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