Featured Artist- Syzygy- 9/15/04 Playlist

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Featured Artist- Syzygy- 9/15/04 Playlist

Postby FKYES » Wed Sep 15, 2004 11:23 pm

Featured Artist: Syzygy www.syzygymusic.com/

Witsend- Voyager
Witsend- Circadian Rhythm
Witsend- Tautology
Witsend- Mount Ethereal
Witsend- The Tone Row
Witsend- Closure
Witsend- Chaos
Syzygy- Interview with Don Cassidy
Syzygy- M.O.T.H.
Syzygy- Beggar’s Tale
Syzygy- Distant Light
Syzygy- Zinjanthropus
Syzygy- Industryopolis
Syzygy- Forbidden
Syzygy- Light Speed
Syzygy- The Journey of Myrrdin
The Beatles- BlueJay Way
The Beatles- Dear Prudence
The Beatles- Good Night
Don Cassidy
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