That Year in Prog Playlist- 2001

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That Year in Prog Playlist- 2001

Postby FKYES » Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:17 pm

That Year in Prog Playlist- 2001

NDV- The River is Wide- Karma
The Flower Kings- Road to Sanctuary
Bill Bruford's Earthworks- Revel Without a Pause- The Sound of Surprise
4 Front- Tunnel Vision- Radio Waves Goodbye
Magenta- Children of the Sun- Revolutions
Steve Howe- Distant Seas- Natural Timbre
Queensryche- Screaming in Digital- Live Evolution
Mostly Autumn- Overture: Forge of Sauron- Music Inspired by Lords of The Rings
Mostly Autumn- Mother Nature- The Last Bright Light
Lunar Chateau- Olympia Mons- Beyond The Reach of Dreams
Cairo- The Prophecy- Time of Legends
Paul McCartney- Rinse The Raindrops- Driving Rain
Spock's Beard- Harm's Way- Then and Here
Transatlantic- Due With The Devil- Bridge Across Forever
Oliver Wakeman and Steve Howe- Ages of Magick- Three Ages of Magick
Yes- Dreamtime- Magnification
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