Progressive Buffet Playlist 9/22/04

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Progressive Buffet Playlist 9/22/04

Postby FKYES » Wed Sep 22, 2004 11:31 pm

Progressive Buffet 9/22/04- DJ Don Cassidy

Starcastle- Shine On Brightly- Citadel
Starcastle- Lady of The Lake- Starcastle
Strawbs- Autumn- Hero and Heroine
Transatlantic- We All Need Some Light- SMPTE
Dream Theater- The Spirit Carries On- Scenes From A Memory
Transatlantic- Bridge Across Forever- Bridge Across Forever
Vanderhoof- If There’s A Song- Blur of Time
Vanderhoof- 30 Thousand Feet- Blur of Time
Vanderhoof- 50 Cent Symphony- Vanderhoof
Presto Ballet- Speed of Time
Metal Church- Weight of The World- Weight of The World
Metal Church- Metal Church- Metal church
Spock’s Beard- The Doorway- Beware of Darkness
Chain- Last Chance To See- Chain.exe
Michael Sadler- Who's Sorry Now
OTV- Pyramids on Mars- Serious Young Insects
Headshear- Urban Conversations
Dead Soul Tribe- Sirens- The January Tree
The Jelly Jam- Coming Around- 2
Erik Norlander- The Court of The Crimson King- Calprog 2004: The Official Bootleg
National Health- The Collapso- Complete
White Willow- Anamensis- Sacrament
Dream Theater- Metropolis- Part One- Images And Words
Rush- Subdivisions- Signals
Thinking Plauge- Dead Silence-Upon Both Your Houses
Neal Morse- A Whole Nother Trip- Neal Morse
Yes- Survival- Yes
Don Cassidy
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