Don's Top Albums of 2017

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Don's Top Albums of 2017

Postby FKYES » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:38 pm

1) Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand/Cold Dark Place
2) Kaipa-Children Of Sounds- Children Of Sounds
3) Lunatic Soul- Fractured
4) Anathema- The Optimist
5) Roger Waters- Is The The Life We Really Want
6) Siena Root- A Dream Of Lasting Peace
7) From Grotto- From Grotto
8) Motorpsycho- The Tower
9) Rickard Sjoblom & Gungfly- On Her Journey To The Sun
10) Magenta- We Are Legend
11) Arcadea- Arcadea
12) Arduini/Balich- Dawn of Ages
13) The Flaming Lips- Oczy Mlody
14) Hidden Lands- Halycon
15) Wobbler- From Silence To Somewhere
16) The Samurai Of Prog- On We Sail
17) Soen- Lykaia
18) Josh Todd & The Conflict- Year Of The Tiger
19) Steven Wilson- To The Bone
20) Queens Of The Stone Age- Villians
21) The Tagent- The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery
22) Once and Future Band- Once and Futre Band
23) Rick Wakeman- Piano Portraits
24) Daniel Cavanaugh- Monochrome
25) Brother Ape- Karma
26) Sons Of Aollo- Psychotic Symphony
27) Gone Is Gone- Echolocation
28) Godsticks- Faced With Rage
29) Magic Bus- Phillip The Egg
30) Goldchild- Rising
31) Operation: Mindcrime- The New Reality
32) Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold
33) Hawkwind- Into The Woods
34) Cydemind- Erosion
35) The Claypool and Lennon Delirium- Lime and Lipid Green
36) Kotebel- Comology
37) Gin Lady- Electric Earth
38) Podd- Cosmic Forces
39) Mostlly Autumn- SIght Of Day
40) Caligula's Horse- In Contact
41) Bubblemath- Edit Peptide
42) Pain Of Salvation- In The Passing Light Of Day
43) Carptree- Emerger
44) A Devil's Din- One Hallunication Under God
45) Bent Knee- Land Animal
46) Damanek- On Track
47) Deep Purple- Infinite
48) Syncage- Unlike Here
49) Virgil & Steve Howe- Nexus
50) The Mute Gods- Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
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