Hey Guys! Help Needed!

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Hey Guys! Help Needed!

Postby NamboD » Sat Jul 30, 2005 9:11 pm


A new book covering ‘30 years of rock ‘n’ roll from the fans perspective’ is in the pipeline and its author, Nambucco Deliria, is looking for help in its completion.
“Basically, I was thinking that, in the last four decades, a lot of the big records are accepted as that simply because somebody said something to that effect twenty years ago. But nobody ever asks the fans. This is their chance to speak out in print about the records that may have changed their lives”
Deliria has constructed ‘the masterlist’, a selection of the ‘most important releases since 1974’ which he wants to give to anyone interested to record their thoughts about why records are great, or, for that matter, bad.
“I’m not looking for reviews, God knows we see enough of those. But I am looking for the personal, and hopefully amusing elements- I know ‘Nevermind’ is an epochal album, but what did it mean to people in Naples or Norwich, as opposed to a reviewer in New York or London?
The book, slated to be titled ‘What About The Fans?’ will feature as many contributions as possible ‘from ordinary members of the public’ but Nambucco hopes to hear from band members, managers, roadies and the like to give what he hopes will be ‘a unique look at how music shapes everyone’s lives”
Anyone keen to get involved with the project should contact Nambucco at
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